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1 ex1.ppi Uranium speciation in seawater
2 ex2.ppi Temperature dependence of solubility of gypsum and anhydrite
3 ex3.ppi Calcite equilibrium at log Pco2 = -2.0 and 25C
4 ex4.ppi Precipitation from Central Oklahoma
5 ex5.ppi Add oxygen, equilibrate with pyrite, calcite, and goethite
6 ex6.ppi React to phase boundaries
7 ex7.ppi Organic decomposition with fixed-pressure and fixed-volume gas phases
8 ex8.ppi Sorption of zinc on hydrous iron oxides
9 ex9.ppi Kinetically controlled oxidation of ferrous iron. Decoupled valence states of iron
10 ex10.ppi Solid solution of strontianite and aragonite
11 ex11.ppi Transport and ion exchange
12 ex12.ppi Advective and diffusive transport of heat and solutes
13 ex13a.ppi Implicit definition of first-order exchange model
14 ex13c.ppi 5 layer stagnant zone with finite differences
15 ex14.ppi Transport with equilibrium_phases, exchange, and surface reactions
16 ex15.ppi Transport: Kinetic Biodegradation, Cell Growth, and Sorption
17 ex16.ppi Inverse modeling of Sierra springs
18 ex17.ppi Inverse modeling of Black Sea water evaporation
19 ex18.ppi Inverse modeling of Madison aquifer