mainLoop             1         # need to run all simulations at the same time
selectedOutputLines  auto      # send all lines from selected output to the outfile, not just the last line
dataSeparators       ""  "\t"  "\p"  "\p" "\r" "soln"   # create a break in the curves using the 'soln' column

  xaxislength        140
  xtitle             "pH"
  ytitle             "log molality"
  customXcolumn      pH
  pxmin              4.5; pxmax 8.5; pxmajor 0.5
  pymax              -3
  lines          	   logZn logHfo_wZn logHfo_sZn
  labels             "Zn<sup>2+</sup>, 1e-7M" "Zn<sup>2+</sup>, 1e-4M" \
                     "Hfo_wOZn<sup>+</sup>, 1e-7M" "Hfo_wOZn<sup>+</sup>, 1e-4M" \
                     "Hfo_sOZn<sup>+</sup>, 1e-7M" "Hfo_sOZn<sup>+</sup>, 1e-4M"
  convertLabels      F              # prevent labels being treated as PHREEQC formulae

  legendTextSize     0


 -headings logZn logHfo_wZn logHfo_sZn
10 PUNCH log10(TOT("Zn")), lm("Hfo_wOZn+"),  lm("Hfo_sOZn+")

include "..\examples\ex8"