mainLoop                   1         # need to run all simulations at the same time
selectedOutputLines        24        # send last 24 lines from selected output to the outfile, not just the last line
dataSeparators   ""  "\t"  "\p"  "\p" "\r" "reaction"   # create a break in the curves using the 'reaction' column

  xaxislength        140
  xtitle             "log organic decomposition in moles"
  ytitle             "log partial pressure in atmospheres"
  customXcolumn      log_reaction
  lines          	   logCH4(g) logCO2(g) logN2(g)
  labels             "CH<sub>4</sub>, fixed pressure" "CH<sub>4</sub>, fixed volume"  "CO<sub>2</sub>, fixed pressure" \
                     "CO<sub>2</sub>, fixed volume" "N<sub>2</sub>, fixed pressure" "N<sub>2</sub>, fixed volume" \
                     "total gas pressure (fixed P)" "total gas pressure (fixed V)"
  extraSymbolsLines    extrasymbolslinesex7.dat 
  extraText            extratextex7.dat 

  2ytitle            "Total gas pressure in atmospheres"
  lines2y            total_gas_pressure

  legendTextSize     0


USER_PUNCH                                                 # get the logs
 -headings log_reaction logCH4(g) logCO2(g) logN2(g) total_gas_pressure
10 PUNCH log10(RXN), SI("CH4(g)"), SI("CO2(g)"), SI("N2(g)")
20 PUNCH 10^SI("CH4(g)") + 10^SI("CO2(g)") + 10^SI("N2(g)") + 10^SI("NH3(g)")

include "..\examples\ex7"