jobTitle                             "Cd speciation vs pH<br>(using explicit naming of species to plot)"
  calculationType                      custom
  calculationMethod                    1
  xmin                                 -13.0
  xmax                                 -6.0
  resolution                           100                           # determines the number of points at which speciation is calculated

  plotTitle                            "Cd-Cl-H<sub>2</sub>O speciation vs pH"
  xtitle                               pH
  ytitle                               "% species"
  pxmax                                13
  lines                                Cd(OH)2 Cd(OH)3- Cd(OH)4-2 Cd+2 Cd2OH+3 CdCl+ CdCl2 CdCl3- CdNO3+ CdOH+ CdOHCl  # explicit naming of species - order defined in
  lineColor                            "blue"
  pointSize                            5.0
  customXcolumn                        1                             # use first column as defined by include files - this is pH
  minimumYValueForPlotting             5.0                           # this prevents minor species being plotted
  extraText                            "extratextCdspeciation.dat"

include ''                                                 # nested includes