'Custom' plots

Page File Figure
1 redox.ppi Redox ladder
2 kd.ppi Kd with ion exchange and sorption
3 titration.ppi Acid-base titation (using REACTION)
4 titration2.ppi Acid-base titation (using MIX)
5 As3-shvrfig4.ppi As(III) sorption on goethite (CD-MUSIC)
6 Fesolubilityxaxis.ppi Fe solubility
7 Fesolubilityxaxisloop2.ppi Fe solubility with varying fluoride
8 pcsorption.ppi Zn sorption on HFO (PHREEQC Example 8)
9 pcsorptionmetals1.ppi Multi-metal %sorption-pH curves for HFO
10 pcsorptionmetals2.ppi Pb %sorption-pH curves for HFO at different Pb loadings
11 pyritekinetics.ppi Pyrite kinetics (Appelo & Postma)
12 kineticsSi.ppi Quartz dissolution kinetics
13 surfacearea.ppi Release of As(V) by closed-system aging of HFO
14 gypsumsolubilitypitz.ppi Solubility of gypsum
15 font.ppi PhreePlot fonts
16 text.ppi PhreePlot text enhancements
17 symbols.ppi PhreePlot symbols
18 plotsymbols.ppi Changing symbols & colours